Data-Driven Understanding
Why People Love Your Brand.

PromoAI is an artificial intelligence that can organize promotions and extract data on consumer purchasing behavior from promotional receipts.

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We work with the latest data from more than 200,000 promotional receipts, gathered year-round from numerous activations for more than 40 brands. This extensive data set enables us to refine strategies for a diverse range of products.

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Discover all the benefits PromoAI can offer.

Level 1

Enhancing Sales Support Outcomes

AI-powered automatic validation of promotional receipts ensures effortless participation. No registrations, no data retyping, and no need to keep your receipt. Just snap a receipt, type in your email, tick a checkbox and it’s done. With such simplicity, we achieve unprecedented participation in both nationwide and tailor-made promotions.

Level 2

In-Depth Purchase Behavior Analysis

Curious about where and when your product is bought? Which are your top basket items? What competing products are purchased alongside? How much is spent on average? We’ll derive these insights from your project and benchmark them against over 200,000 purchases from the last year.

Level 3

Tell Me What You Buy, I'll Tell You Who You Are

Comparative basket analysis is a key tool for gaining shopper insights. Whether you handle market research, insights, or communication, you want to understand who loves your brand and why. Opt for our tailored analytics to align your strategies with solid data.